Dear Doctor,

Thank you for visiting my new web site. Please be aware that many non-Jewish families are looking for a different approach to circumcision. Most often, they have attended a Bris which I have performed and they want to know if my services are available to them. They are. Many times the family, while in the hospital, will opt not to circumcise their child and after they leave the hospital, change their mind. Instead of having them wait six months to have a circumcision performed under general anesthetic, I can perform the circumcision in the comfort of their own home. In general, depending on the weight and development of the baby, this can be done up to six weeks following the birth. Or, if it will make the family more comfortable and you are amenable, the family can schedule a mutually convenient time and the circumcision may be performed in your office. I work throughout the entire New York tri-state metropolitan area. I have a flexible fee schedule; no one is turned away. I care deeply and passionately about what I do and would love to see all circumcisions performed quickly, gently and humanely. There are very few individuals out there today who possess the training and experience that I have acquired during my thirty year career as a certified ritual circumciser (Mohel). If you think your patients may be interested in this approach to circumcision, kindly pass this information along. Please feel free to email me ( or call me at (917) 448-2748 if you would like additional information about what I do. Thank you very much.


Cantor Philip L. Sherman
Holistic Ritual Circumciser/Mohel